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Baking Buddies | March 2015

Aprons. Super-cute aprons. Fabric Edition’s Baking Buddies are in Hobby Lobby’s wearables department!  They are sold as a panel and are available in frog, owl, dog and bunny. The make-it-yourself apron finishes about 21” tall, has a pocket and a little 3-D detail for fun. There’s also a buddy to sew and stuff, and a little applique.  

Frog Baking Buddies Apron

Simple to cut out, with sewing instructions printed on the panel so they don’t get lost. 

Here’s a few tips we’d like to share:

No need to wash the fabric, but do set up the iron and press with a dry iron. Cut out the pieces on the edge, the seam allowance is already figured in.

The first sewing step is to make the ties for the waist and neck.   If you plan to use a hook & loop tape at the back of the neck, the ties will need to be shortened now. Pin them where indicated and try on the apron to check the fit.

Hemming the sides and bottom of the apron and facing means a lot of ironing, but to get a nice even hem, try this: Sew a line of stitches a scant ¼” from the edge, then fold along the stitches and press. This gives you a guide so you’re not guessing about the ¼”.  Fold again, press and sew along the folded edge.

Pockets are quick to sew, turn right side out, and press. A simple top stitch will sew it in place, but also gives you opportunity to pick fancy thread or stitches. Or add a little pompom trim to the bottom.

The little bonus applique can be fused to cardstock to make a greeting card, or gift tag if you’re making the apron & pillow buddy as a gift. Fused to a fabric square, it can become a tee shirt or pants pocket, a beanbag for tossing, or to use as a paperweight. Glue a magnet on the back to hold a recipe on your refrigerator.

If you’re a quilter, I see the instructions as a bonus! When you’re finished put them in your scrap bin for some low-volume backgrounds.

If you’re making the animal apron for your little baker, think about having them help along the way. They can try on to check fit, pick out pompoms, or little hands can fill the ‘buddy’ with fiberfill. It’s never too early to spend time sewing and baking together.

Look for Baking Buddies at Hobby Lobby!



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