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Quilt Tips: Perfect Pressing

Hello Quilters!  Our Quilt Blocks designers write instructions with every single sewn seam specifically pressed in the best direction.  We think it makes the intersections match and blocks finish square and flat!  Here are some of their tips for:

Quilt Tips: Perfect Pressing

Press all seams with a dry iron.

After sewing a unit, the first pressing should be done from the wrong side by pressing the seam closed – just as the fabric came out of the machine. Press down briefly, but do not drag the iron back and forth or your fabrics may stretch. 

Usually seams are pressed to the dark fabric, so the seam allowance doesn’t shadow through a light fabric. Do the first pressing with the dark fabric on top.

Next, press the seam to one side or the other or open, as indicated in the instructions. Use the tip of the iron to open the seam.

When the block is completed, do a final pressing from the right side. Be careful not to hold the iron on the fabric too long. Use a pressing cloth or plain muslin on top to protect metallic designs.

So what is a pressing cloth? Buy one or make one to protect your fabrics and your iron. Use 100% cotton, muslin, or something without print. 16″ square is a good size. Pink the edges so you don’t press a seam mark into your fabric.

More about irons:  Irons get hot. Really hot. Some go to 410 degrees. Use only as much heat as you need.  Even a travel iron will get hot.

Did you know that most travel irons are intended to be travel irons? Actually go overseas?  Even Rowenta, which makes a great iron, doesn’t recommend their travel iron for that kind of use.  Don’t expect one to last through many 3 hour classes, or survive a weekend retreat. Research and get recommendations to find the right iron for you.

Knowing how to press is a great skill to have. Your quilts will show the results!

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