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Fabric Expressions: Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible school project or work of art.  Prayer Flags. Flags of Hope.  The custom of hanging flags may have originated in Tibet, but has been adopted around the world as a way to express messages of kindness and compassion.

The Fabric Expressions Canvas or Burlap Flags are being used here as a sample for a summer Bible school project.  This is a craft project for all ages. Adjust the skill level by changing the symbols or words. String them together as a banner or hang individually.


As you create your flag, choose a theme. They can be made for yourself or someone who may be going through a difficult time. Think about your subject and message. Are you asking for patience, peace, or acceptance? Would you like to offer someone comfort, love or forgiveness?   Embellish your flag with paint, fabric or stitching. Add words from the scrapbook aisle,  journal a message, poem or song.


Using the Faith fabric sheet and bundle, the Expression of Faith flag was created quickly and easily, using scissors and an iron. A few buttons were added as accents.

For more ideas, there are blogs and Pinterest pages. Visit the Prayer Flag Project blog to be inspired.  Hang your flag indoors, but they are intended to be strung up outside where the wind will disperse their message to anyone passing buy. Make one, I’m sure you’ll be inspired to create another to share!

You can find Fabric Expressions in the needlework aisle.

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