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Fabric Loft Motley 4th of July

The Loft cotton navy blue is my favorite navy ever. It plays well with most colors and is a great neutral for the bold red and white graphic print. For the July 4th holiday I thought it would be great to pair them up for some fast and easy picnic napkins.


An 18” square is a good size to start with. To hem, fold the edges in ¼” on all sides, then insert fusible tape into the fold. It’s an extra step, but you’ll have an easier time at the sewing machine. The narrow hem won’t try to curl away from your stitches. Just use the tip of your iron to press.


Fold again ¼” to enclose and fuse the hem.


Stitch close to the fold.  On the navy, I used red thread as an accent.


Hemmed and ready to use!

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