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Two Fat Quarters Pillow

It’s the end of September, time to enjoy some fall color! Two fat quarters will make a quick and easy pillow cover.  Orange reminds me of pumpkins, Halloween, and changing leaves in mountains.  Over the years it has gotten a bad reputation, but really plays well with many other colors. Brown, navy blue and lime green just to name a few. There’s an orange out there for everybody!

Fabric_1 Fabric Fat_Quarter_Pillows_for_Fall_1

Set up your ironing surface, cutting mat and sewing machine. Measure your pillow – a 16” form or less works great and is what I have today.

For the front, cut a 16 ½” square. For the fold-over/envelope back, cut two 10 ½” x 16 ½”.  My fat quarter was 22+” so I cut it 16 1/2″ x 22+”, pressed and cut it in half.


For the hem, take both backing pieces to the ironing board.  If you have room, place them the way you’re going to use them. On the long side, fold the raw edges in ¼”, press, then ½” and press.


Sew close to the fold line. Use matching thread or something fun.


Place the pillow front right side up, and the backs right side down, hems in the center, overlapping, sides matching.


Pin together and sew all the way around.


Sew again on the overlap so it’s strong.


Trim corners so they’ll be pointy.


Turn right sides out.  Poke the corners with a chopstick – gently!  Press the edges and any wrinkles. Insert your pillow form, admire your sewing and make another!


The basic pillow can be embellished with applique shapes or words, or layered with batting and quilted. Pick a harvest print or go solid. Show us your orange! Happy Fall!


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