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Halloween DIY Banner

Free Instructions for the Boo Banner

Fabric Palette fat quarters, 18″ x 21″ precuts, are perfect for this no-sew Halloween banner. We’re featuring free instructions for the Boo Banner today, just in time for some weekend crafting! You’ll need five Halloween Fat Quarters, and about 90″ of heavy jute cord.  You don’t need to clear the decks and set up a cutting mat and rotary cutter, this project is just fun!


To get the rustic edges, the banner uses strips that are torn, yes, ripped! I love the frayed, fringy look, and use it often in décor and giftwrapping.  The instructions have some great details on how to strip up the fat quarters – simply by folding in half, and snipping every 1 1/2″ to start the slices. You can get 24 strips from each fat quarter, so you end up with all the strips you need pretty quickly. Or make it a family project – this is a great one for everyone to participate.  AC Moore carries these singles, or look online for Fabric Palette fat quarters.   Happy October!

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