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Flannel Pre-cuts at Hancock Fabrics

The softest, sweetest little bundles of fat quarters are sitting in boxes, on the top of shelves of by-the-yard cotton, at Hancock Fabrics.  You just can’t walk by without giving them a tender squeeze! So soft, and just right for your next baby project.


“Birdwood” is also sold as 5″ squares and 2 1/2″ x 42″ strips.  The Birdwood Rag Blanket above uses 2 packs of each for the 34″ x 34″ blanket.   If you already have bundles, take a look at the instructions and adapt to cut your own pieces. There’s no batting, so the flannel stays light weight. The open seams are clipped, then washed to give a cozy chenille look.

The Birdwood Owl Lovey has full-size patterns to make the owl and shape the curvy blanket sides.


Flannel Tips

Sewing flannel needs little adjustment from sewing quilting cottons.

If you think you’ll have to pick out seams, sew with a slightly longer length stitch.

Flannel will sew better if it isn’t prewashed. It will get softer and fluffier after washing.

Use 100% cotton thread and use a few more pins to keep the edges together.

After your project is finished, give your sewing machine a quick cleaning to get out any short cotton fibers out of the mechanisms.

Wash in a shorter cycle and dry low for a few minutes, then pull out and let air dry to keep the size from shrinking up.

To make these two huggable projects, the “Birdwood” flannels are in Hancock Fabric stores now. Tomorrow we’ll show you two more projects made from our Dino-Roar flannels. See you then!

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