No-Sew Projects

Fabric Elements – Framed and Displayed

Here’s a quick way to turn your mixed media pieces into wall art.  As your collection of fabric experiments grows and you find your artistic voice, you may want to hang and display a favorite piece.  You need to! Just do it!


Blank canvas is sold in many sizes, but never the size you need, right? The thread sketching project started about 9″ x 9″, so when I saw the 8″ square while wandering the art aisle, I picked it up.  Close enough, but because the stitching went to the edges, I don’t want to cut and loose any elements.

  1. Let’s trim just enough to square the sides and add a few yellow strips.
  2. Pull the fabric around to the back and secure with masking tape.
  3. Check the front to be sure you are centering most of the design.
  4. Then finish with a few staples

Frame Mix Media Piece

Now the important part – place it proudly where everyone can see.  You’re a mixed media artist!


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