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Quilt Blocks Tips For Finishing: Label

There is one more finishing step that you just can’t skip!  Be sure to personalize your quilt with a label. Record important information  – your name, date, where you are living, and the recipient’s name or event you made the quilt for.

How to label your quilt


QuiltBlocks Quarter in a light color, cut about 5″ x 6″

Freezer paper, cut 4″ x 5″

Permanent pen


Hand sewing needle & thread

To get started

Decide what you want to write so you can determine the label size. About 4″ x 5″ should fit basic information.


Cut a rectangle of freezer paper 4″ x 5″. With a permanent marker and ruler, mark guide lines on the paper side.

Press it onto the wrong side of your 5″ x 6″ fabric.

Write your personalization. The Micron Pigma .05mm by Sakura is my all time favorite.

Quilt Label

Remove the freezer paper and reuse it centering it on the back. Iron just the 1/2″ seam allowance over the edges. Now you can iron the label in place on the back or your quilt, the freezer paper will hold it steady. Use just a pin or two to secure it.  Hand stitch in place around three sides, stop 2″ before the end so you can slip your finger or tweezers in to remove the paper, then finish stitching, knotting and hiding the thread tail.

blog label your quilt

The label has your signature, home place, and date recorded for generations. Now that it is attached, you’ve completed your heirloom masterpiece!  Congratulations!


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