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Tips: Using A Ham

If you’re sewing more and are boldly charging ahead with your own designs, you probably have finished a project and thought, way too late, about how a good pressing is in order.  But – you’ve sewed up the tote or pillow and there isn’t a flat surface. You’ll iron in creases. Disaster?

No disaster. The answer is HAM.  Pressing ham, to be exact.  Debbie Graves, over in Product Development, had this lovely ham to share with me, when the Quilt Market deadline was close, and the bag just had to look good.

Here’s a few action pics:

Pressing Collage

Look at those crisp corners & sides!

Before After Collage

The fabric is super sturdy and the firmness make the ham a pressing surface for anything curved. Think how helpful it would be for armholes, sleeves or pants.  They are available at JoAnn Fabric & Crafts or Hancock Fabric. If your finishes are important, think about keeping a ham near your ironing board!

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