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Fabric Wall Art

Have you seen the adorable DIY wall art projects all over Pinterest? Today we wanted to give it a try with our Fabric Loft fabric and see just how easy it is to make your own wall art. We’ve come to learn it’s incredibly easy! Keep reading to learn how we make the fabulous wall art below.



  • Fabric of choice–jellie strips are the easiest to use. 
  • Spray mount repositional adhesive*
  • Mod Podge spray sealer*

*You can you regular glue-like Mod Podge if you have it on hand.

Start by cutting your fabric into 2.5″ by 1/2″ strips. Jellie strips are easiest to use because they will already be cut to 2.5 inches. Once your have your strips cut, you can eyeball cutting the angle of the tips, or you can use the angled line on your cutting mat. Be sure to watch your fingers when cutting the strips. It’s best to use scissors and eye ball it or a acrylic ruler if using a rotary blade.


TIP: I cut my strips two at a time, wrong sides together. This allowed me to not only cut two pieces at a time, but it also allowed me to cut the angled end for both directions.

After my strips were cut I tested different layouts on my canvas. I took pictures of each layout to help me decide which option I liked best, it was also a helpful reference with assembling the final piece.


After I decided my final layout, I removed all the pieces from the canvas. Working one section as a time, I sprayed my Scotch repositional adhesive and began laying out the pieces. This works great because it allowed me to easily move a piece if I misplaced it. Be sure to not spray too thick of a layer or the glue will get goopy.

TIP: Try not to reposition a piece too many times. The more often you move it, the more likely you are to have fabric pieces fray off and stick in the glue.

After I’ve given my canvas time to dry. I spray on a light layer of Mod Podge sealer to give an added layer of adhesive to secure the fabric to the canvas. Once it’s dry, hang your masterpiece in the desired location!


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