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Quilt Tips: Sewing Strips to a Block

Hello Quilters! Many times a patchwork block needs a frame or two in a quilt design. A narrow strip can introduce a bold accent color.  A wide strip in a tonal or solid will separate your prints from other prints. Use two borders to pull together busy fabrics or to make the quilt larger without making more blocks.

Quilt Tips | Sewing Strips to a Block

Sewing Strips to a Block:  Many blocks consist of a center unit and strips that border the center to complete the block. Here are a few tips to complete this type of block successfully:

–      Always sew the side strips first, then the top and bottom strips.

–      Find the center of the block and strip by folding each in half; finger press a crease, match centers and pin.  Align and pin each end, as well as the remaining space.

–      Sew slowly over seams.

–      Press seams toward the strips as they are added.

Indigo Square Block 9 is a good example of how a simple 9-patch can grow from an 8″ to a 12 1/2″ block with strips.


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