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Fabric Covered Potted Plants and Plates | DIY Tablescape

Here at Fabric Editions, we seem to have the best green fabrics. I’m always inspired to make something with the freshest, newest green as soon as I see it. With Spring in the air and St. Patrick’s day on the way, Fabric Loft inspired this tablescape.


Pick your favorite greens, a few clay pots, clear glass plates and Mod Podge. The plate instructions are here on our website.  

Craft supplies

Cut your fabric a little bigger than the plate, paint on the Mod Podge, and center the fabric. Smooth out so there are no air bubbles. Paint on another thin coat.  Let dry in between coats.

Plate DIY

For the clay pot, cut a rectangle 1 1/2″ taller and the circumference of the pot. Paint the pot with Mod Podge, start at the top folding 1″ over the top edge and smooth around the top. The shaped pot will need to have the fabric evenly gathered, making a nice texture. Paint on a few layers, drying in between.

Fabric DIY

A one yard pre-cut makes a simple table runner, some vintage pieces were pulled out to enjoy, and Trader Joe’s shamrocks picked up for a centerpiece. Pick out YOUR favorite green fabrics and enjoy Spring!

Fabric Covered Pot and Plate | Super easy DIY to spruce up your decor.

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