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Fabric Palette Easter Treat Bags


These tiny, 3″ tall Easter candy sacks started with 5″ x 7″ cuts from a fat quarter. A Fabric Palette Flutterby collection bundle was on hand and had the perfect Spring colors I was looking for.  Simple seams and boxed corners worked up so easy, a dozen were made in an hour. Pink the top edges, or leave raw, then stuff with some grass and treats.

Mini Treat Bags | Perfect for a party or holiday.
Cut 5″ x 7″, sew side and bottom.


Make boxed corners:  Match side seam and bottom seam, then sew at 1″ from the point.  For the other corner, crease side, then match with the bottom seam. Sew at 1″ from the point.

Pinch fabric

To finish, trim pointed corners (or just leave loose) and turn right side out.  Press the seam and pink the top edge.

For my family, they were filled with chocolate bunnies and Peeps.  For my quilt friends, I found some no-sugar, bright colored sewing notions.

Mini Treat Bags | Perfect for a party or holiday.

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