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Quilting Tips: Strip Piecing

Hello Quilters!  Quilt Block kits have pre-cut pieces that are ready to sew, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t up to date with new and time saving methods. Our designers will occasionally use strip piecing when they write the instructions.  In Indigo Square Block 2, you won’t have to sew together 36 small squares to make nine patch blocks, you’ll strip piece and sub-cut – this method is more accurate and quicker than tiny squares. Here’s our tips:

Quilt Tips: Strip Piecing

Strip Piecing:  In this time-saving technique, long strips are cut, sewn and pressed to make strip sets. Next, they are cut into units of a particular size and sewn back together to create a block or part of a block.

When sewing long strips together it is helpful to:

–      Pin well.

–      Do not pull the strips when stitching, since this may result in a unit that curves.

–      To help the strips feed through the machine evenly, try a walking foot on your machine. Check the ¼” seam – this foot is different that the piecing foot.

–      Start pressing from the center out to the ends to avoid “warping”.

–      Square up or trim a small amount from one short end before cutting the sewn strip unit into smaller units. Always trim the selvage ends off.

Quilt Tips: Strip Piecing–      Line up the ruler in several places to be sure the strip units are not stretched out of shape.

Quilt Tips: Strip Piecing

–  Subcut the number of units needed.

Quilt Tips: Strip Piecing

Strip piecing creates a quick and accurate 9-patch.

Quilt Tips: Strip Piecing

Cut accurately, sew a straight seam,  press to nest the seams, and those intersections will match up perfectly!

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