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Halloween Fabric Scrap Banner

Are you ready for Halloween? It’s the last week of the month and just a few days from the holiday.  If you haven’t started decorating or picking out costumes, it’s time to get to work! We have a super easy no-sew DIY to help you decorate for Halloween, or even Christmas if you have different fabrics.  All you need for this banner is some twine and fabric cut into strips.  This is great if you have a lot of scraps lying around, maybe left over from last year’s holidays.


To start you tie a loop at the end of your twine, this will be how you secure the banner to your wall or mantle. From there you simply loop and knot each piece of fabric to the twine, placing them as close to each other or as far apart as you’d like.  You can trim the ends of the strips to all be the same length, or leave them varying lengths, whichever you like best.


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