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10 Tips For Your First Quilt From A Seasoned Quilter

Do you remember your first quilt?  Or maybe you’re still thinking about tackling that project.  This week I will be attempting my very first quilt.  I’ve always classified myself as more of a “crafter” but knew the time would come for me to try creating my own quilt. With the introduction of our latest Fabric Loft designs into Target, I knew it was the time.  We have a lovely new quilt project available for the new Fabric Loft strips that’s easy for a beginner quilter.  Before I start this big adventure, I asked Karen to share some tips for the newbie quilter that I am.  If you are a season quilter like Karen, what tips would you add to her list?


1. Read the instructions before you start. All of the instructions.

2. Pick fabrics you love. Don’t be in ‘like’ with them.

3. Make sure you have all your supplies.

4. Plan the cutting – measure twice and cut once.

5. Know your machine. Practice on scrap fabric before starting project and before you sit down to sew each time.

6. Sew straight and with ¼” seam allowances.

7. Be sure to have a seam ripper. Take out what isn’t sewn right before it gets to be a bigger problem.

8. Don’t sew tired.

9. Sew a little bit each and every day.

10. Don’t stress, its only fabric. Little flaws will give it that great homemade and made-with-love look.

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