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Butterfly Kisses Quilt Tips

Here’s a sweet little quilt using a pack of Fat Eighths and 2 1/2 yards of white for the quilt top.  This quilt will go together quickly with the help of these few tips and tricks!

The quilt I’m sharing with you all today uses our Fabric Central line, Borboletas, and is available as a free downloadable project on our site.  This could be a beginner project because of the easy-to-piece triangles, no intersections to match, and no borders to fuss with when you’re in a hurry to finish. The biggest challenge of this quilt is the use of our Fabric Central Flourish white-on-white fabric, which is directional and right-side/wrong sided. The project includes extra steps to make sure your background runs in the same direction. This quilt certainly is gorgeous and shows off some serious quilt skills.


However, today I want to share with you my easy ‘let’s have fun-fun-fun’ version. This method uses 2-1/2 yards of a solid white or very light gray on hand, with no right or wrong side to it.  It will save you the trouble of keeping track of directional fabric and right or wrong sides.  Without that worry you can easily cut those thirty-six 5” squares. They can be marked corner to corner all the same way (skip Dia. C, D and E in instructions where it refers to Top of Flower). Sew on the marked line, press and in a few short hours you’re already on step 6 – sewing the rows together! Yeah!


Using the solid white, the layout is quick because the big pieces make rows quickly. Sew all those 3” sashings together and cut as directed in step 10. You’re only matching the centers! Fold and crease, then pin those centers and sew. The ends will not match – this is what you should have. Crazy, right?


Now, let’s make a square quilt. Since I always can think of a better way, I tried three versions.  I’m a huge fan of freezer paper, so I made the big 51” square template. The paper is 18” wide, so I rolled out three 51” long pieces. Mark 1 ½” on each sheet and press together. Iron the first sheet to the ironing board (so it won’t move) and line up the edge of the second.  Repeat until all three sheets are together. There’s your 51” square!


If you have newspaper, make a really big, taped together square, about 55”. Fold it in quarters. Line up on your cutting mat, measure  25 ½” and cut. Opened up will be a 51” square.


This final method is for the confident.  You’ll fold the quilt into quarters matching seams and points, then mark the quilt and cut without a paper pattern.

005 006

Measure 51” with a measuring tape, confirm the 45-degree angles with an acrylic ruler, then pencil mark the line. This is the cutting line.



You’ll be cutting through all 4 layers to square the quilt. Bias edges will be everywhere, so stay stitch the edge asap, or put it directly on your batting, spray baste and quilt.


Now you have your perfectly square quilt! I really like the non-conforming edges, it’s very modern.  The diagonal set is strong and the fabric prints are featured boldly. Click here to download the free project to make your own Borboletas quilt!


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