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Fabric Expressions Monograms

Monograms are trending again, in fun and unexpected ways. Our bold “S” flag uses Fabric Expression’s fusible fabric and burlap flag.

Monogrammed Flag

The font is Microsoft Word Algerian font, printed out 7″.  Cut the letter out and pin to your fabric, checking to see that the flowers or words are going in the right direction. Simply trace and cut out your letter. The shadows are cut out of a darker fabric. Position and iron to fuse it to the burlap. No separate fusible web, reverse tracing or sewing. The flag is finished!

Here’s the “Ravie” font – wouldn’t it make a great table runner:


Or “Harrington” – for a banner in a child’s room:


Use a single letter for a pocket, tote or blanket. Spell out a name or saying if you have room.  Add stitching if you plan to wash.  So cute, personalized, and easy!

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