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Fabric Palette Cassovia Carry-All Caddy

The Cassovia Carry-All Caddy is a project you’ll want to make more than once.  Easy techniques are used to show off every fabric.  All 10 fabrics are sold precut, so it’s easy to mix and match.

The quilted fabric is your creation!  Pick a print for the caddy exterior and one for the interior and a batting. we recommend fusible fleece which is a dense polyester batting that stays in place and won’t droop over time.  The 2″ grid is easy to mark and quick to stitch.  Use a walking, or even-feed foot.  If you have a quilting bar to guide the rows of stitching, just mark an ‘X’ and start in the middle.  The handles and pockets have facings that peak out to look like piping.


Pockets are different sizes on the inside and outside, left and right, so you will have a place for everything.  Follow the directions, or sew them the size you want for for your supplies.  If you crochet, you may want several narrow pockets, or if you carry a ruler or stamping block, you may want a larger pocket.


Shaping the sides with a row of stitching gives stability.  Change the needle to a 90/14 or jeans if you usually sew with an 80/12 sharp quilting needle, and sew slowly through the bulk.

Isn’t this a great project?  You get to be the designer by picking your favorite fabrics for each step and customizing the pockets.  Can’t wait to see what you’ve made!



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