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No Sew Pencil Holder Cover

Happy Monday! How was your 4th of July weekend?  We imagine going back to work today was probably not your favorite part of the holiday.  We at Fabric Editions had a lovely little vacation and are excited for how many of you entered our 4th of July Giveaway over the weekend.  If you missed out, you can visit our Facebook page and see how to never miss another giveaway.

Today we’re sharing a great no sew DIY to spruce up the not so pretty pencil holder you might have in your office. All you need it a pencil holder, around 1/4 a yard of fabric, twine, two rubber bands, scissors, mod podge, a pencil and a paintbrush. For our pencil holder we used Vogue from our Fabric Loft at Target line.

Header_Image Pencil_Holder_2_jpg_700x700_q85 First_set Third_set Second_set_1 Pencil_Holder_13_jpg_700x1100_q85

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