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Tips Tuesday: Making Waves Squaring Blocks

Squaring blocks!  Many blocks have to be ‘squared’ to finish a certain size, which is a nerve wracking event! What if the applique isn’t centered? What if it’s trimmed it too small? Or crooked?

In Making Waves Block 11’s, you’ll learn a fool-proof method to take away any chance of squaring disaster.

1. Start with a square of freezer paper and cut to be 8 ½”.

2. Fold in half with the wax side out.

3. Center on the block.

4. Iron in place and trim.


Are you ready to finish your quilt? The Setting Kit for Making Waves has all pieces cut and ready to sew.  Plan to set aside time to finish one or two rows a day, and label the row numbers as you sew.   Has anyone counted the blocks, squares and triangles? Can you guess?  Working block by block, then row by row, you probably will be surprised!

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