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Memory Quilts. A treasure to receive, fun for all who sign messages, and now no long hours of work to create! The Fabric Expressions Quilt Panel Kit lets you get right to the creativity, skipping the planning, cutting, and sewing patchwork.

Do you have a special teacher in mind that would enjoy a handmade end-of-year gift?  To make the memory quilt, you layer the front and backing with batting, sew around and turn right side out. Our marking instructions and simple stitching on the lines makes it look like you spent days sewing patchwork.  Students can sign for a personalized gift.


Our “Classic” panel kit was shown at Pittsburgh Quilt Market, all dressed up to celebrate a wedding.


This one will only be used as a wall hanging, so Debbie and Grace embellished with our fusible fabric sheets, 3-D scrapbook elements, ribbons and roses. How creative and festive!  Displayed at a wedding reception, guests would be able to sign in blank areas, or leave a sweet note of congratulations.


The up, up and away “Baby” theme is ready to sign at a shower or welcome party. Add the baby’s name in one block, birthdate and arrival time, weight and length in others. Embroider by machine or hand. Use colorful fabric markers or fine tip Micron pin. The sisters and brothers will want their own space for a message or drawing. Tiny hand or foot prints, booties, socks, or a silhouette, can be stitched on later.   Heat set all the additions and you’ll be able to use the quilt gently.

When you need a very personal, meaningful gift, think of making a Memory Quilt.

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  1. Treza

    HI there,

    I bought one of your kits -Memory Quilt Panel Kit for an urgent present. I have started filling in the blanks with embroidery but it didn’t come with instructions. Is it possible to get a copy?

    thanks Treza

    • Katie


      I’ve passed along your comment and email address to our customer service. Karen is out today, but she’ll be able to send you the instructions on Monday.

  2. Treza

    Thanks for your reply, I still haven’t received anything from Karen. I am ready to put it all together and wanted to know what allowance it was designed to have with the border.

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