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Quilt Blocks Making Waves Block 12: Dresdan Plate

Applique! In Making Waves there are three applique blocks (easy, modern and versatile) that you will enjoy making over and over again. Even if you don’t like applique, try our Orange Peels block 5, Bird’s Eye View block 7, or Dresden Plate block 12.

Dresden Plate quilts are everywhere! Large, small, half or quarter plates, made in solids, prints, traditional, or funky combinations, anything goes.  Our Block 12 shows you how to make blades that are self-faced on the outside points, so you don’t have to turn under points or use a stiff fusible web product.

Try a practice version. Here’s mine – stripes!


If you look closely, you won’t see any blanket stitching around the edges. It was stitched ‘in the ditch’ to applique it down. That leaves the ends open. Open for all kinds of possibilities (clever!). 


Here’s a tip to speed up making your Orange Peels (Block 5) or Dresden Plates  (Block 12). Our secret weapon is freezer paper. You can find it in any grocery store, it has a paper and a waxy side. If you want to cut out up to 4 at one time, trace one template and staple it to a stack of freezer paper. Staple again, so it won’t slip. Cut out on the lines. Neatly. Remove the staples. Ready to use!


Have you ever created a block similar to this?



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